What Makes a Great Electrician?


When it comes to choosing someone to repair or upgrade your electrical system, it makes sense to want to find someone who will do the job right. But how does a customer find an electrician? Not just a mediocre one, but a great one!  With this in mind, we asked the question, “What makes a great electrician?  Some of the answers may surprise you: 

He’s got the creds:

A great electrician is licensed, bonded, and insured. While a general handyman is terrific for most things, electrical repairs, poorly done, can cause expensive damage to your electrical system, not to mention house fires. Better to be safe and hire a qualified electrician who has been trained, tested, and approved.

He plays well with others:

Other building trade professionals know which electrician to recommend. Want to know the name of a great plumber? Ask your electrician! And visa versa. They cross paths more often than you think. Since a residential electrician is often also a commercial electrician, he will do business with other trade professionals. They know who shows up on time, doesn’t get called back to redo something because it failed inspection, and other tells that mark a pro.

Your friends and family recommend him:

When you need an excellent electrician, ask family members, friends, and office companions. People who have received terrific service aren’t afraid to name drop. You may notice that a particular name keeps popping up again and again. An electrician with a history of happy customers can be hired with confidence.

Great online reviews:


No one wants advice from a stranger, but when unrelated people offer reports satisfaction on a consistent basis, it’s hard not to take notice of that. Great online reviews are the result of regularly reliable service. Good service doesn’t just happen now and then. A great electrician is committed to making sure that every one of his customers is satisfied.

A wide range of skills:

A great electrician has an extensive repertoire of electrical skills. Installs, repairs, upgrades--an electrician with a wide area of expertise has an expansive wealth of knowledge and experience upon which he can draw. These skills become important during troubleshooting and problem-solving and translate to real-time value for the customer with an electrical problem situation.

He looks to the future:

A great electrician embraces new technology and innovation. Face it, electronics, solar power, electric cars, and Smart homes are all in the domain of an electrician. A great electrician needs to constantly have one eye on innovation and technology because the quality of his work will depend on knowing the very latest and best products for his customers. This trend of changing technology is going to continue, and a great electrician will stay informed.

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