Electric Lawn Mower Safety


Buying an electric lawn mower seems like the perfect solution for cutting that little patch of grass in your backyard. No more odiferous cans of gasoline in the shed, repetitive yanking on a recalcitrant pull start cord, smelly exhaust--ugh.

An electric power mower doesn't have any of these problems. Also, it’s so easy to use that a child could do it.  Therein lies the problem: a mower is not an electric scooter. It has sharp blades whirring at a breathless pace. We need some safety rules. Here are some ways to stay safe while operating an electric mower:


Kick the little darlings out of the yard when you mow. Yes, even if they cry.

Kick the little darlings out of the yard when you mow. Yes, even if they cry.

  1. Wear protective clothing such as long-sleeves, pants, eyewear, gloves, a hat, and earplugs. An electric mower will throw small stones a surprising distance with alarming force. A mower can throw poo if you have a dog and don’t notice a pile before it’s too late. It’s important to keep kids and pets away, so they don’t get hit by a maverick rock or get in the way during the mowing process. 
  2. Only mow grass. Watch out for sprinkler heads. Be mindful around windows, cars, and observe for the rocks that might get flipped by the mower blades and break them. Don’t mow over the electrical cord.
  3. Don’t mow weeds or debris. Debris translates to a mower repair bill. Debris is things like branches, trash,  bits of string, wire, or cord (which can wind around the blades), clippings from trees, etc. Don’t mow on granite or wood chips. 
  4. Wear good shoes. Never wear flip-flops, sandals, or shoes that might slip on grass. If you have shoelaces, make sure they don’t come untied.
  5. Use an outlet is a GFCI which is regularly tested.
  6. Mow across slopes, not up and down them. Mowing up and down hills offers the mower the opportunity to roll downhill.
  7. Push don’t pull the mower. If you pull and trip, your mower can run right over you
  8. Never mow wet grass or around puddles, in the rain, or near a running hose or sprinkler. Remember, your mower is an electric appliance: treat it as such.
  9. Mow sober. Mowing is only safe if you’re in full command of your faculties. You can celebrate after the freshly cut grass after you put the mower away.
  10. Never mow in the dark. It isn’t just a matter of being able to see where you’re going, which is also important. It's easy to mow over unseen hazards in the dark.
  11. Never let others use the mower unless you’re supremely confident in their abilities. 'Others' includes children, your less-than-sober neighbor, or your roommate who is wearing flip-flops. 
  12. Wear sunscreen. The sun in Phoenix is intense during the mowing season, and once you start mowing, you might be so focused that you don’t notice how hot it’s getting and burn.
  13. Don’t forget to clean your mower when you’re finished (after it’s unplugged, of course), and store it in a dry place.
Don't mow in the dark. Even if you can see the big stuff.

Don't mow in the dark. Even if you can see the big stuff.

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