Why Hire a Licensed Electrician?

Electricity can be a funny thing; sometimes the lights will flicker, or the house will blow a fuse repeatedly, or a homeowner just needs a new switch,  more outlets or another type of upgrade. Whether it's new, a repair, or an upgrade, when a home needs electrical work is the time to put away the card for the handyman and call a licensed electrician.

Electricians are brave, dedicated professionals.

Electricians are brave, dedicated professionals.

Because you want to save money

Saving money is always a great thing, and we genuinely admire your thrift. Since we’re on the subject of saving money, who is going to pay the hospital bill when the guy working on your ceiling fan gets shocked, falls off the ladder, and ends up in traction?

The answer is, “We are.” 

Because a licensed electrician carries insurance to cover accidents, mishaps, and just ordinary mistakes. You as the homeowner should not be subject to the errors of your repair person. If an event occurs during or following a repair done by a handyman, you, the homeowner, are liable for the mishap--injuries, lawsuits for lost wages, etc. 

Because we have electrical expertise

Now, we have a question for you:

Who knows more about your electricity than you do? 

The answer is, “We do.”

The reason is that a licensed electrician can’t get a license unless he passes the licensing exam. Because we are licensed, we have a stake in the game, since our reputation and our livelihood is riding on excellent work faithfully performed without a problem every single time. 
*Insurance means if something happens, the homeowner isn't liable.

Who else considers this license to be significant?

The answer is, “Your insurance company.”

Why would your insurance company care? Because if there is a fire, an accident, or some other mishap down the road, you can show that you have exercised due diligence and had your electrical repairs performed by a licensed electrician. 

Why else might the hire of a licensed electrician to be to my advantage?

Other than a full range of electrical expertise, a licensed electrician also has an ongoing awareness of new technology in the electrical field. For the homeowner, this knowledge is meaningful because your licensed electrician can be expected to keep on top of new advances in electrical technology especially those that might make your home safer, more liveable, or more economical than ever before. 

As licensed electricians, we are proud of what we bring to the table when we serve our customers, whether it’s a simple repair or a full-blown electrical retrofitting. Paying a little more money guarantees the quality of the work performed, your satisfaction, and a safe product which you and your family can enjoy for years to come. 

We hope you’ll consider us for your next electrical job, because electricity can be a funny thing.

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