Lighting Trends for 2017

What year is this, anyway? The modern, sleek lighting we see trending for 2017 is more retro than ever, but with a contemporary snap. We’ll be walking through some of the newest trends in lighting, so you can see what is stylin’ these days.


Gold is big, and shinier, more explosive, and eye-catching is where it’s at right now. Watch for gold paired with mid century styles. Chandeliers, modern drops, and even recessed lighting has jumped on the gold bandwagon. Expect to see gold and more gold. 

Old New World

‘Back in the day’ is now, since geometric shapes and sleek, modern styles mix with modern LED lighting. 

Single bulb groupings.

Single bulb groupings.

Utilitarian aesthetics are playing a big role in new lighting trends, as well. Tucker Robbins Indonesian rattan fishing baskets have been repurposed into pendant lamps. (One supposes that the Indonesian fishermen have plenty of money from selling baskets and therefore no longer need as many baskets to catch food.) See more here


Wall sconces with an old-world flare have also made a comeback, but only the most industrial, the most golden, and the most eye-catching make the grade.  

Under cabinet and ambient lighting LED strips are still with us, and we expect this trend to continue. As more people use back-lit electronic devices, the need for lighting is now going more toward an emotionally pleasing backdrop, rather than a need for reading lamps. 

LED and recessed

LED and recessed

Recessed lighting

Recessed lighting continues to be incredibly popular and still part of the lighting picture, which we expect to continue because of the innocuous, out-of-the-way-but-still functional nature of it.


Layered Lighting

Layered lighting is still brushing away dark corners and dim recesses, and smart lighting is making it possible without a big electricity bill. 



We hope this has given you some insights, and hopefully some ideas for your next lighting upgrade. If you need more ideas or professional assitance, we are here to help!