Beyond the Ventilation fan: Bathroom Electrical Upgrades

We’ve talked in previous blogs about Radiant heat flooring* and GFCI’s in the bathroom. But, there are other electrical upgrades you can make that will make your bathroom into a place of comfort and luxury. Below, we describe some of these options:    

Layered lighting:

Overhead lighting is great, but side lighting for the mirrors is necessary for an accurate mirror reflection. In addition, bathrooms also benefit from task lighting and ambient lighting. Layers of lights make a bathroom really stand out, especially those that don’t have a window or skylight.

Bathroom Ventilation Fan: 

A ventilation fan in the bathroom, either with or without the humidity sensing fan switch, is one of the most basic things you can do to upgrade your bathroom. Not only will it keep the moisture from expensive damage to wood and paint and wallpaper, but it’s also a kindness to sensitive noses. 

Towel warmers:

Towel warmers or heated towel racks hardwired to a switch or timer turn ho hum into ah ah. This is an amazing upgrade for bathrooms in which radiant heat flooring isn’t practical.

DTV Panels:

Digital thermostatic shower valves will not only get rid of knob clutter, but will save your skin from scalding if someone flushes in another part of the house, but will also keep you from feeling like an extra in Frozen. 

Heated shower mirror: 
This is a must-have for people who want to shave in the shower without fog. The entire mess floats down the drain, thereby creating less work to clean at the sink.

Sound tile speakers, bluetooth and docking stations for showereads, vanities and mirrors have all turned the bathroom into a media experience. But, if your bathroom is big enough, you might opt to have a carefully placed television set installed. If you do this, your bathroom space has to be large enough and the fan is a must so that TV will survive Survivor episodes during your long bath.

An electric fireplace:

A fireplace is another option that will not only heat the room but will also add to your home’s value. One in three home buyers say they are looking for a fireplace. Thanks to ventless options, you can have a fireplace virtually anywhere. A bathroom fireplace is the ultimate in luxury, but luxury might be the whole point of having a bathroom that big. 

We hope this article has given you some thoughts and ideas. As always, we are available to help should you decide to upgrade your bathroom with some of these electrical options.