Why Should I Hire an Electrician?

With Labor Day approaching, that sweet little holiday is the time when many a homeowner wants to wrap up the home improvement projects which have nagged all summer long.

But, before you get out those wire connectors, let’s review.

It used to be that my dad (and a lot of other dads) thought nothing of adding another electrical outlet or light switch. It also used to be that a whole lot more people got hurt. But, we’ve become a smarter, safer society. Building and safety codes have come a long way in upgrading the quality of construction.  Even if you’re upgrading your lighting features to sell your house, you want to do it in a responsible manner and have the job done right.

But, wait--why not just hire a handyman to do those little wiring jobs?

A handyman, who may be brilliant when it comes to re-grouting your tile or painting your living room, may not be qualified to rewire your bathroom for the same reason you aren’t: safety. Your electrician has been professionally trained. He has the right tools and knows exactly the right parts for the job, the building and safety codes, and can give you an estimate that includes everything he will need. An electrician also carries insurance.

A professional electrician can save you money. Many a time, an electrician is called after the D.I.Y. job got out of hand, and that new ceiling fan ended up crashing onto the dining room table.

When you look for an electrician, make sure that you find one who specializes in what you need: most electricians focus their efforts on a certain sub-specialty, whether it’s residential, new installations, residential repairs, or new or existing commercial work. Most people who find an electrician who suits their needs will stick with him unless he does something which makes them lose confidence.

Furthermore, a professional electrician keeps up on the latest technology. Sometimes, he will tell you it makes more sense to repair a ceiling fan instead of replacing it. He knows when your panel box needs to be updated or upgraded to handle your changing electrical needs. He can do an assessment of your needs and lifestyle and measure when your old appliances are sucking up enough energy to make a new one a good economic value.

Electricity brings is light, warmth, and comfort. It enhances the quality of our lives in a way that not many other things match. But, being an electrician is one of the most dangerous jobs in the country; tall ladders, exposure to dangerous building materials, the risk of shock and electrocution—all point to reasons why it’s best to hire a licensed, bonded, insured electrician who specializes in the line of expertise you need.

Meanwhile, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your holiday barbeque.